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Text: Psalm 119:24
   It was Henry Ford who said "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right," this is because you are only as succesful as your thoughts. Your thoughts define you, your thinking pattern is inevitably your living pattern. Success is first established in the mind before it manifests in the open, likewise also failure is conceived in the mind before it is practically delivered. Tenures and regimes of leadership fail before they even start because the leaders think they can't succeed in their leadership quest for reasons best known to them.

   The Wright brothers succeeded in their quest to build an aircraft because they thought it was possible and dared to give that thought a shot. Thoughts are vital to man's existence, they carve out the very framework of our society. We see it in our legislation, we can attribute the increase in crime rate to it and it even shapes our very response to war, economic crisis, unemployment, global…
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Text: Psalm 24:3-4
   Many years ago, the thought of believers occupying positions of leadership in the society stirred up agressive debate; as so many christians retained the ideology that their operations should be limited to the confines of the church. No doubt such arguments still exist today, but with lesser intensity as believers are gradually waking up to the reality of their God ordained positioning in these last days.

   To summarize this, the prophet Isaiah spoke thus;"2. And it shall come to past in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. 3. And many people shall go and say, come ye, and let us go up to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall proceed the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." (Is. 2:2-3).

   The last days  church is not one…


Leadership is a ladder and some of the greatest leaders in human history were bold enough to take the first step up that ladder and kept on going until they attained a very enviable position in leadership. Just like the saying "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," today I'll be outlining the first five step on that leadership ladder and leave you to decide whether to make the move or not. First on the list is;

Locate the right vision: leadership is an expression of one's inert potential. There is a deposit of leadership potential in every man, you'll find this to be true if you understand the true scope of leadership. Leadership is not limited to occupying great positions in organizations or giving speeches to a large audience, leadership is broad. For instance the boy who discovers his ability to draw and begins to deploy this same talent in a creative and constructive manner is already on his way to becoming a leader, likewise is the cleaner w…


Recently, I came across this quote "You are never to young to change the world," and it inspired me to come up with this article. You only get one chance at being a youth and when that opportunity passes you're left with memories.Those memories can either be good or bad, but the outcome is all up to you.

  The world is asking a lot of questions about the youths, Can they be trusted with leadership? Will they deliver on expectations when given the chance to lead? Do they have what it takes to generate results? You can't blame them for being cautious, because everything of importance in life hangs on leadership and the last thing you want to do is to be careless about the subject.

  It is widely believed that it takes experience to be an effective leader but history has shown an entirely different trend. In a world where experience has been married with age, it is getting increasingly difficult for young, innovative minds to fully demonstrate their leadership potent…


Time management is key to living a fulfilled life. Life is a product of time. A wise man once said "time is an asset of inestimable value." Today I'll like to let you know that time is an asset of equality. No one human being gets more time than the other. What becomes of your life is a product of the use to which you put your time. If you use your time wisely, you'll live a happy, impactful and fulfilled life. Today, we shall be exploring the secrets behind effective time management and as we do, I'll like you to keep this quote by Michael Altshuler in mind;"The bad news is time flies, but the good new is you're the pilot." Here are some practical steps to effective time management;

Highlight your daily goals: Time is like a river flowing in a particular direction, there is nothing you can do to change the direction of its flow, the wise thing to do therefore is to take advantage of its flow. Taking advantage of that flow begins with highlighting…


Leadership is beautiful and attractive this is why many are drawn to it. It is a good thing that it is still attractive, because the world still needs quality and sound leadership. We'll be examining some tips that will be really helpful to anyone who is starting out on his leadership journey. To become a leader there are steps to take and our focus shall be on these steps. They are as follows; Follow: If you desire to be a leader then you must locate and follow one who is already a leader. The path of followership in most cases culminates in leadership. History affirms this reality with countless proofs and testimonials. For instance, Michael Faraday who went on to become a renowned leader in the field of science was once an assistant to Humphrey Davy an eminent English chemist. Faraday followed Davy to several locations for scientific works and presentations. Faraday attended lectures by Davy and compiled a 300-page book based on notes that he had taken during these lectures. …


Leadership requires specific skill set for the actualization of its full potential. These skills are numerous and must be consciously developed by anyone who desires to succeed as a leader. Today we shall be considering five of them;

Communication: Leadership cannot be effective without adequate communication. Leadership involves influence and it takes communication to establish influence. Communication fosters exchange of ideas which in turn facilitates progress. No matter how great a vision you have as a leader, your ability to communicate is what really determines the worth of your leadership. Jesus Christ is recognized worldwide as a reputable leader and this can be attributed to his superb communication skills.(Mt. 17:28-29). His ability to boldly articulate and convey his message to spectators was unmatched. This ability helped him to navigate through tricky and provocative questions thrown at him by oppositions.(Jn. 8:3-11/Matt. 22:15-22/Luke 11:53-54). Winston Churchill who…


Wikipedia defines strategic planning as an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy.
  Now that we have established a definition for strategic planning, it is important to keep in mind that plans don't just happen, they are made to happen. How to make them happen is what we'll be focusing on today. First step to effective strategic planning is;

Goal Setting: Properly set goals helps to streamline your plans and makes it easy for you to measure progress. If you don't know your destination, anywhere may look like it. Goals helps to cut down on excesses and maximize the use of resources. In helping Jeremiah to set clear goals, God asked "...Jeremiah, what seest thou...." (Jer. 1:11). If you don't have a target, you won't know when you hit it. Leadership strategy demands th…


Acceptance is a product of well doing. Everybody accepts, appreciates and wants to be associated with a man who is doing well in life.(Gen. 4:7). But, it take righteousness to do well in life. (Is.3:10). Every time a man gives himself over to ungodliness, a repulsive odour comes upon him that causes people to resent him, but when a man embraces righteousness a delightsome aroma comes upon him and surrounds him so that even his enemies just fall in love with him for no explainable reason.(Pro.16:7)
  The fear of the Lord attracts the goodness of the LORD. (Jer. 32:39-40). The righteous man secures goodness both for himself and for his generation after him. Righteousness is the key to personal and corporate prosperity. (Pro. 14:34). The longer your righteousness endures, the greater the riches you enjoy. (Ps. 112:1-3).
  Joseph was loved by all and sundry because of his commitment and addiction to living a righteous life. He was loved, favored, promoted, honored, prosperous, blessed …


We live in a world where the noble virtues of leadership have been grossly abused and eroded. People across the world are confused and startled as they experience the reality of failed leadership in their various domains. What could be the cause of this tragedy? Why are the leaders failing in their leadership responsibilities? What went wrong? These and many more are the questions ringing in the hearts of concerned citizens.
  The flaws recorded by leaders worldwide I believe is a product of moral decadence and lack of character. Leaders have failed to understand that although 'charisma' may help get one into a leadership position, only 'character' can guarantee his success in that position. Character is the backbone of great leadership, it sustains and secures leadership. It is commonly said that character is who you are when others are not watching. It is the the 'private you,' it is completely independent of your public image otherwise known as your reput…

Leadership Faith-Part 4

Text: James 2:14-18    The third and probably the most vital charcteristic of leadership faith is that it is: Action Driven: Action gives full expression to leadership faith, no leadership can survive or even thrive without action. Your vision depends on your actions to succeed, the steps you take are more important then the things you say. While you're busy telling the world about your vision ensure you take corresponding steps towards its fulfillment. It takes the inherent quality of leadership faith to chase the unseen until it becomes visible to all. When John F Kennedy announced America's decision to send scientist to the moon, the world thought he was crazy. Nonetheless, with the intellectual inputs of these scientists, and dedicated hard work from the whole crew, step by step what seemed impossible became possible. Visions can not be left to lie dormant else they would be no better than day dreams. Every vision is a solution to a particular problem in the world, hence t…

Leadership Faith-Part 3

Text: 2Cor 4:13
   Leadership faith is heart based as established in the previous publication and we shall establish the second characteristics which is;
Outspoken: leadership faith springs from the heart but is expressed by the tongue. It causes a leader to speak boldly and loudly giving him a fearless outlook. This was the case when David confronted Goliath, he said "I will feed your head to the birds of the air" (paraphrased) which he did with the composure of a professional. I would like to state at this point that effective leadership has little to do with age and everything to do with possessing the right qualities. If you have a vision you believe in with all your heart, you'll speak about it with boldness and a sense of responsibility, because it is very easy to depict a man's beliefs from his speech. Martin Luther King Jr believed in a vision he had, and kept on proclaiming it in his famous "I have a dream" speeches all across the states he visite…

Leadership Faith-Part 2

Text: Rom 10:9-10
    When we talk about leadership faith, what exactly are we talking about? One may ask. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward because no leadership can emerge great, without the input of audacious leaders. Every leader who dared to attempt the impossible, did so by the inherent quality of leadership faith. From the brothers who invented the aircraft to the scientist who first journeyed to the moon, you could trace their successes to the faith that kept them going even in the face of profound uncertainty.
   Leadership faith has been the distinguishing factor between great leaders and ordinary leaders. We'll be considering some of the characteristics of this pillar of leadership. First and foremost we must recognize that leadership faith is:
Heart based: leadership faith springs from the heart and not from the head. It has its base at the heart of man. It is not an idea that can be Reasoned out by the brain, but an in depth conviction of the heart. Every vis…

Leadership Faith-Part 1

Text: Luke 1:45
   "What you are today is a product of what you believed in yesterday, and what you believe today will determine what you'll become tomorrow".It takes faith to see any vision fulfilled, no vision gets fulfilled without the faith of the visioneer. Faith is the second pillar of leadership, without it there would be no great leaders. It is a driving force that compels you to speak the unspeakable and attempt the impossible. Visions are propelled to accomplishment by the force of faith.
   Faith makes a leader out of a follower, it produces greatness out of nothing. A young boy called David brought down a renowned giant warrior with years of fighting experience by faith, Goliath saw his end at the hands of a visionary young leader who had the faith to confront what other soldiers dreaded. Until you are equipped with the faith needed to make things happen you may never become an excellent leader. Most of the inventions that greatly influenced the world and hu…

Visionary Poetry

Vision is a destination
Discover it on time
And you'll get there in due time
Its demands don't deny
And you'll see it fly
Ambitionists may cry
But visioneers always thrive
There is no obstacle too high
If the vision is from the Most High
Over obstacles you will ride
Men of vision are wise
They pay the price
And emerge glorified.....

Vision seeks manifestation
It requires scriptural interpretation
And a platform of consecration
It grows by revelation
And constant meditation
Gives it full expression
Vision builds a nation
It shatters oppression
And terminates confusion
It does not aim at stardom
But on contribution
It provides solutions
For the needs of generations.....

Leadership Journal-002

On several occasions, leaders have been mistaken and confused for bosses. A leader is different from a boss, a leader encourages people to do what they see him do while a boss commands other to do things he could not do. A leader takes the lead in making things happen, a boss on the other hand supervises those who makes things happen. People are more comfortable and confident working under a leader than under a boss. Leaders help to build others, while a boss has a duty of managing and controlling people. A boss is always threatened by the growth of his subordinates, while leaders find fulfilment in helping people grow from being followers to becoming leaders.
   In your field of expertise do you intend to be a leader or a boss? That's the big question everyone must answer, there is nothing that happens to you by chance or luck. As a matter of fact, you are absolutely responsible for the happenings in your life, you are a product of your choices and what you'll be in years…

Leadership Vision- Part 4

Martin Luther King Jr once said "a man who won't die for something is not fit to live". Passion is not just about what you live for but about what you are willing to die for. The dictionary defines passion as "Any great, strong and powerful emotion", but in this context, passion can be defined as an innate quality of zeal that compels action in a given direction. It is an intense feeling that drives one into acting in a specific manner, a clear example of true passion as it relates to discovery of vision was the story of a man called Nehemiah in the bible.
   When Nehemiah heard about the plight of the Jews and of Jerusalem, he shed tears and cried unto God for intervention. His passion drove him to seek his captor King's favor in a bid to rebuild the broken walls of the ravaged city and to restore the dignity of his people. Despite the constant threat to his life and to the life of his men, he held on to his passion driven purpose until he fulfilled h…

Leadership Vision-Part 3

Text: Isaiah29:11-14.
   True leaders are God dependent, though they've built capacity but they still recognize the place of the one called the leader of leaders in their lives. Men who give God a place in their heart have a better chance of accessing vision than men who don't. Don't wait for any man to tell you your purpose or the reason behind your creation because the truth is they do not know. Man can only guide and direct you to the one who knows(God), and He will be more than willing to reveal it to you.
   You can access vision through three different methods namely;
Divine Encounters.Pure Passion.Evident Gifts/ Talents.    Divine encounters gives you direct access to vision, while passion and gifts are just pointers to vision, they don't give you specific details of your assignment. Divine encounter gives a man access to the source or manufacturer, it is an avenue where man meets directly with God and receives from Him a detailed vision. At different times in t…

Leadership Vision-Part 2

Text: Joel2:28.
   Many people in the leadership world today have mistaken ambition for vision, the truth is; they are completely different from each other. You can become successful by diligently pursuing a properly planned ambition, but can only find fulfilment by pursuing vision. Only purpose can bring fulfilment, any attempt to get it from any other source will only end in frustration. Many leaders across the globe have found success but have failed to access fulfilment simply because they've been very ambitious but not visionary.
   Moses grew up in the King's palace but he felt unfulfilled although he was in line to be the next Pharaoh of Egypt, fortunately for him, he met his maker and accessed the purpose for his creation. Immediately, the true leader hidden in him came alive and even at age forty he successfully led three million people out of Egypt(Exodus2,3&12). Friends I tell you the truth, until a man discovers Vision he will never maximize his true leadershi…

Leadership Vision-Part 1

Text: Prov28:19.
   Vision is the primary prerequisite for leadership, you cannot be regarded as a leader until you've discovered vision. Leadership begins with vision, vision initiates and motivates motion and pursuit. You are not qualified to lead until you have successfully led yourself and the road to self-leadership begins from the bus stop of vision.That is why vision is an important pillar of leadership, without it leadership excellence cannot be attained. Many so called leaders have ignored this fact, that is why their leadership experience have been majorly unsuccessful.
   Vision has been defined by different authors to mean different things, but what is the true meaning of vision? Vision can be defined a man's ability to discover his God ordained purpose. It can also be referred as ability to disvover why he was created and for what purpose he was created.(Jer1:5, Gal1:15). Every manufacturer has a purpose behind the creation of a product, the purpose is first esta…

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